Capri PrePrimary Graduation


The transition from preschool to Grade R marks a very important step in a child’s life as they move on to new discoveries and accomplishments, but take with them the many discoveries and accomplishments they have shared together at our school. It is only appropriate to celebrate this in honour of the time we have spent together and what the future holds. We celebrate with a fun, simple, but very memorable preschool graduation.

Capri Preprimary School Pets

School Pets

We keep guinea pigs for the children to enjoy and to learn how to treat and take care of animals. The children have access to the cage and enjoy feeding carrot tops and carrots to the guinea pigs who squeal with delight! We occasionally allow the children to hold them in a controlled manner.

Capri PrePrimary Concerts

Concerts and Christmas Celebration

    • They are a celebration of the year we have shared with your child.
    • They help to build community within the centre through building relationships between staff and parents and also between the parents. We strongly believe your children benefit from these positive relationships. Getting to know the parents of your child’s friends and even socialising with them away from the centre is great way to help your child feel more comfortable.
    • Working towards goals helps to build a sense or achievement and positive self-esteem for the children as well as many other skills. Even if they do choose to just watch their friends or sing while sitting with their parents

Tiny Tots

5 months to 15 months

Maximum number in the class: 4

When the need arises to put your baby into our care, you can be sure that you are putting him or her into good hands.

During the first years of life, an infant needs more one-on-one attention which is what your baby will get in our low infant to caregiver ratio.

Our infant teacher will assist your baby learn to use language to connect with his or her world, to develop relationships and to get what he or she needs by encouraging these skills through daily, stimulating experiences such as tummy-time, singing lullabies and songs, baby stories, puppets, age appropriate toys and interaction with others.

Our experienced teacher will build up trust with your baby by giving freely available cuddles and a positive response to his or her cries and body language.